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Rise+Live with Roby and Suze!

Making Mornings Fun Again!

McRay's Backyard BBQ

Check out this great video

LIVE Stream of "What Your Friends Won't Tell You"

JTS is honored to be the official live stream production company for #WYFWTY hosted by Suzanne Boyd.

Live Stream of NAPC Candidates Forum

"Live Happy Here" with Eric Roby LIVE Open House Preview

From LIVE STREAM to SIGNED CONTRACT in less than 24 hours!

Live Stream from Dayane's Bistro - Lake Worth, Florida

Live stream broadcast to Facebook.

What is JTS ?


Your Pro Team for LIVE Social Streaming Video


How much is your cost for professional commercial video production these days?  After writing the script, shooting the video, adding music, effects and editing the video and then finding a broadcast outlet to transmit your message, you've busted the budget and may have missed the mark! 

JTS and 1331Kreative have teamed up to  take a different approach to commercial production by giving your company LIVE STREAMING on your social pages with IMMEDIATE ANALYTICAL DATA so you hit your target at a fraction of the cost!

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Need a flashy set? We have those too!

If you don't have a place for your live event or live social commercial we have you covered! With our access to extensive and affordable virtual set libraries we can take your production to any location without ever leaving the green screen!  Ask us today about VIRTUAL SET technology!   


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